IECC Compliance Guides 2012

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It is RECA’s objective to support and urge all states and local jurisdictions to adopt and implement the IECC. This website and the IECC Guides included here have been developed to further this objective. They are intended to be compliance aids for states and local jurisdictions reviewing and considering adopting the IECC and for determining the IECC prescriptive requirements for each state and county, but do not provide a guarantee for meeting all of the IECC requirements. The information on this website and on these guides has not been customized to reflect any state-specific or local amendments to the IECC that states or local jurisdictions may have adopted, nor does this information reflect any state- or locally-developed energy standards that may have been adopted in place of the IECC. For these reasons, this website and the guides do not provide a guarantee for meeting the state or local energy codes. For additional details on the IECC, please contact the International Code Council® at or (703) 931-4533. For additional details on the energy code requirements in your state or local jurisdiction, please contact your local building code official.